A Change Is Coming!!! - Induction for Early Careers Teachers (ECT)

The current process for Newly Qualified Teachers is changing and we are extremely excited about this! Currently after completion of teacher training a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) is required to complete a statutory induction process which combines a program of development, support and professional dialogue to which they are monitored and assessed. An NQT completes their induction period once they have completed three terms of induction successfully.

Now as we know teaching is a highly valued profession and as we are sure parents across the country would agree teachers really do deserve a medal for the key work that they do.

For a newly qualified teacher it can be very daunting after completing your teaching qualification to suddenly be thrown into teaching and with only 3 terms of support with the induction period it can all feel very overwhelming and for some teachers it can cause them to come out of the profession due to feeling a lack of support. Luckily, the Department for Education are really focusing on this and have been trialing a new process for recently qualified teachers which we think is really promising!

From September 2021 NQT’s will now be called Early Career Teachers (ECT’s) and will embark on what we believe a much more supportive and nurturing induction period to aid them in their transition from teacher training to becoming a fully fledged teacher!!

What is changing?

- Instead of supporting ECT’s for just 1 year following their qualifying period they will now have a 2 year induction period

- As well as the 10% timetable reduction ECT’s receive in their 1st year they will now receive a 5% induction in their 2nd year

- An ECT will now have a Mentor as well as an induction Tutor. The mentor’s role is to hold regular mentoring sessions and training with the ECT

- There will be two formal assessment points, one midway through induction, and one at the end of the induction period

- In cases where ECTs working part-time can demonstrate that they have met the Teachers’ Standards, the appropriate body is able to reduce the length of the induction period and bring forward the final assessment point

- The number of ad-hoc absences permitted has been extended, in line with the extended length of induction

At Gold Education Recruitment we are passionate about supporting teachers and want to do everything we can to help them stay in the profession and keep doing what they do best – teach!! We think this change to how teachers are supported after qualifying is a great way to help them through their early careers.

Whether you are a Teacher or a School needing further information on this new framework please take a look at Induction for newly qualified teachers

If you are an ECT or an NQT and would like any advice on these changes please call us on 01245 699095. If you are looking for a short-term teaching role, we have a number of positions available. Search our latest teaching vacancies online:


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