What to consider when signing up to a recruitment agency.

Starting your journey with us at Gold Education Recruitment is easy to do. We take a personal and individual approach and will support you every step of the way. We specialise in making signing up to us easy and hassle free.

But why should you sign up to a recruitment agency when looking for an education position in an Essex school?

Here we discuss our top 5 reasons why Education Recruitment Agencies can help you find your perfect role.

Local Connections

At Gold Education Recruitment we work tirelessly to develop strong and genuine connections with schools across Essex. It is these connections that make the candidates we send automatically trusted. These connections can prove essential when looking for a role in education.

This is also exceptionally helpful if moving to a new area, as you can trust your recruitment agency to have the local area knowledge you may not have yet.


Our consultants are very experienced and have a good understanding of what clients and candidates are looking for. This means we can support you in the very best way. Not only are you supported through the application and interview process, but you are also supported once you have your role continuously through your placement.

In addition to the personal support we provide, we also write monthly blogs to help you as a candidate; from interview techniques to how to find the best school for you. You can read our blogs here.

Something for everyone

We can match candidates with a wide range of job types; from temporary jobs as well as permanent or full-time education jobs. This means that we can find the right job for you and your circumstances; whether that be flexible working, full time or supply teaching posts.

You can see our latest vacancies here.


Finding a job can be really difficult, and it is easy to miss out on great opportunities because of not having access to the right vacancy databases or schools. At Gold Education Recruitment we will not only update you on relevant jobs for you, but you can access our Jobs Board 24/7 so that you can constant access to local vacancies.


We are proud members of the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC). By being a member of the REC, it ensures we follow the highest level of compliance and adhere to the REC’s Code of Professional Practice. REC members are recognised for their professionalism and the value they provide to clients and candidates, which you benefit from as being signed up to us.

Find out more about us

We take a professional, hands-on approach to helping you apply to our team. We want you to feel safe and secure and at ease when signing up. We introduced Gold Education Recruitment with the vision of providing clients and candidates a GOLD recruitment service, and work hard to ensure this level of service.

You can find out more about us via the about page of our website here.

We understand that it could be a bit daunting signing up to an agency, but we are here to help make that process as easy as possible and support you along the way.

Here is some feedback we have received from the lovely Hannah

"Gold Education Recruitment have been very professional and definitely very helpful. They have kept in contact to provide updates and have also been very supportive. I would definitely recommend them to individuals looking to find a position within Education."

You can read more of our testimonials here.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire please do get in touch with us here.

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