How to prepare for teaching interviews

We’ve just given you a call to say the school would like to interview you for the vacancy you are interested in. So, what now?

Here are our top interview tips to help you secure your teaching job in an Essex school.

1) Research

It is so important to know where you are going. From researching travel, parking, location and the school itself, you can never do too much preparation work. Give yourself the opportunity to feel familiar with the school you are interviewing at, and what they do.

With a wealth of fantastic primary schools in Essex, it may be hard to determine which is the best fit for you. You can narrow down your search by having a look at the school’s website, especially to get an idea of their values regarding teaching.

2) Don’t panic

It is so important to remember that you have been chosen for an interview from many candidates, and so you have nothing to prove. Your interview is to determine your fit for the school, and their fit for you. This is as much of an opportunity for you to get to know them, as it is for them to get to know you.

3) Think of examples

The best ways to answer questions in an interview is to give examples of where you have shown the skills or situations asked about. Your examples can be from your personal life, previous teaching experience, study or past employment, so please do not worry if you don’t have a wealth of teaching positions to draw upon. There are so many transferrable skills needed in teaching that we can draw upon from so many places and experiences, that thinking of examples can be limitless.

Interviewing for a teaching role in Essex school with Gold Education Recruitment
Interviewing for a teaching role in Essex school

Some key questions that work great with example-based answers are:

· How would you handle a disruptive student?

· How do you build a rapport with students?

· How do you use data to influence your teaching?

· How do you support literacy initiatives?

· Tell us about your teaching style?

· How does the use of technology influence your teaching?

4) Think of questions

It’s good to go into an interview with your own questions. Not only to inform your opinion of the school and role, but to show the school that you have considered this role and spent time researching. If when looking through the school’s website a question naturally comes to you, make a note of it and mention in your interview if appropriate. Other great questions to consider asking are about the opportunities for professional development and training, and what your interviewers had wished they knew about the school before they started.

5) Remember your why

After completing your training, working in education and surviving day-to-day life, it can be difficult to remember why you started in this beautiful career. Don’t forget why you decided to become a teacher. This can be a really good motivation for your interview, an anxiety-calming technique and a lovely thing to discuss in your interview. It may even be an interview question.

We hope that this gives you some help preparing for your interview. Good luck!

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