Making Memories this Summer Holidays

The academic year is coming to an end and now is the perfect time to get planning for a Summer of fun and memory making, after a challenging year for all schools.

Are you going abroad this Summer?

Are you going on a UK Staycation?

At Gold Education Recruitment we know how important it is to enjoy the roles we all do within the education sector, but it is equally important to enjoy the time we have away from work to build relationships, reset and relax.

Here are our top tips for family-friendly things to do in breaks from school:

Coastal Walks

Coastal walks can be a great way to explore new and local locations. You can make it child-friendly by adding in beach hunts for shells and rock pool explorations. Locally, we have some amazing coastal walks in Essex; from Fronton-on-Sea, to Jaywick.

In general, nature walks and visiting new places is a great Summer holiday pastime, and one the whole family can enjoy.

Learn Something New

School holidays can be a great time to learn something new. Whether it is learning a new language or new game, like Chess, learning something new can be fun and stimulating. From developing skills to focusing on some personal development, Summer is a great time to hone a new craft.

You can also use reading as a way to learn something new, whether you want to learn about a new period in time, theme or characters, reading is a lovely activity that can benefit you personally and professionally.

Get Creative

Creativity can positively impact our emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, whilst even helping our immune systems! If in need of some relaxation, adding creative activities to your school holidays could be the boost you were in need of. From painting, photography, creative writing or poetry, there are lots of ways to bring creativity into your life. Best bit? If you have children, creative activities can be made family friendly.


There are so many benefits to baking, and cooking in general, and so we often weave food-related activities into lesson plans to encourage healthy eating habits. Baking also helps our pupils develop math and reading skills, build patience, focus and develop attention spans. If this is the case for children, it’s logical to see the benefits of baking for adults too! From baking bread to cakes, biscuits to brownies – we’re in. Not only can you enjoy these activities as a family, but you get to sample your delicious creations after your hard work.

Will you be baking this summer holiday?


There are countless benefits to yoga, and if you haven’t discovered yoga yet, now could be the perfect time. A great way to stay fit and agile, Yoga also helps to improve strength, balance, flexibility and even your heart health! Unwind, relax and reconnect with yoga this Summer.

If Yoga isn’t really your thing, then taking up any exercises or fitness activities are great for improving your mood and physical health. From bike rides to swimming, summer is the perfect time to take up activities that benefit your fitness.

Disconnect Completely

You may be thinking that school holidays are the great time to prepare for the next term or school year, but there is a lot to be said for using time away from work to completely disconnect.

There is also a strong argument acknowledging the importance to step away from devices and social media. A tech detox can do us all the world of good, and school holidays can be the perfect time to disconnect from work and social media before the new term begins.

Get Your Green Fingers Ready

From gardening to nature walks, or even bringing the outdoors in, the benefits of nature are limitless.

The Summer holidays give us all a great opportunity to have a look indoors and redesign our home. Bring the outside in by using a great technique called Biophilic design whereby you bring elements of nature into your everyday interiors, from using wood, to green décor, to making sure every room has a fresh plant and good, natural lighting.

You can also take up gardening or add to your coastal walks with walks anywhere locally that brings you closer to nature. Discovering the greenery around you, and bringing it into your home, can be the perfect Summer holiday activity.

What will you be trying this Summer?

Let us know.

Whatever you are doing this summer holiday, be sure to take time for yourself to rejuvenate before the next academic year begins.

And remember, if you are looking to join the world of Education for the next academic year, contact us today to discuss Essex school vacancies from September 2022.

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